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Basic General Knowledge Objective Questions and answer

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31.) Which Indian Booker Prize winner will publish the book? Last Man in the Tower? In early 2011?

(A) Kiran Desai

(B) Arundhati Roy

(C) Aravind Adiga

(D) Arundhati Roy

(E) Salman Rushdie

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Correct Answer:   A.

32.) Film and TV institute of India is located at

(A)     Pune (Maharashtra)

(B)     Rajkot (Gujarat)

(C)     Pimpri (Maharashtra)

(D)     Perambur (Tamilnadu)

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Correct Answer:   A.

33.) Guru Gobind Singh was

(A)     The 10th and the last Guru of the Sikhs

(B)     Founder of Khalsa, the inner council of the Sikhs in 1699

(C)     Author of Dasam Granth

(D)     All the above

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Correct Answer:   D.

34.) Who has been awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine 2010?

(A) Richard Heck

(B) Ei-ichi Negishi

(C) Akira Suzuki

(D) Robert Edwards

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Correct Answer:   D.

35.) Which of the following is a Tennis Player?

(A) Dan Carter

(B) Greg Jones

(C) Johnny Weissmuller

(D) None of these

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Correct Answer:   B.

36.) Who built the Brihadishwara Temple?

(A) Rajaraja

(B) Vengi

(C) Rajendra Chola

(D) None of these

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Correct Answer:   A.



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