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General Science Objective Questions and answer

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7.) The average salinity of sea water is

A.       3%                         B.       3.5%

C.       2.5%                      D.       2%

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Correct Answer:  B.

8.) What are soaps?

(A) Salts of silicates

(B) Ester of heavy fatty acids

(C) Sodium or potassium salts of heavier fatty acids

(D) Mixture of glycerol and alcohol

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Correct Answer: C.

9.) Which of the following is a protein?

(A) Wool                           (B) Starch
(C) Cellulose                     (D) Natural rubber

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Correct Answer:  D.

 10.) Which of the following is commonly called a polyamide?

(A) Rayon                          (B) Orion
(C) Terylene                       (D) Nylon

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Correct Answer: D.

11.) The gas usually filled in the electric bulb is

A. Nitrogen                         B. Hydrogen

C. Carbon dioxide                    D. Oxygen

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Correct Answer:  A.

12.) Which of the gas is not known as green house gas?

A. Methane                       B. Nitrous oxide

C. Carbon dioxide               D. Hydrogen

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Correct Answer:  D.


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