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General Science Objective Questions and answer

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13.) Soda water contains

A. Carbonic Acid

B. Sulphuric Acid

C. Carbon Dioxide

D. Nitrous Acid

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Correct Answer:  C.

14.) Balloons are filled with

A. Nitrogen                          B. Helium

C. Oxygen                           D. Argon

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Correct Answer: B.

15.) LPG contains___

(A) Butane and Isobutene
Butane and Propane
Isobutene and Propane
Butane, Isobutene and Propane

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Correct Answer:  B.

16.) Cooking oil can be converted into vegetable ghee by the process of____

(A) Oxidation                      (B) Crystallization

(C) Distillation                    (D) Hydrogenation

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Correct Answer: D.

17.) Milk is an example of ___

(A) Suspension                       (B) True Solution
Emulsion                      (D) Gel

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Correct Answer: C.

18.) Sodium metal is kept under

A. Petrol                          B. Alcohol

C. Water                         D. Kerosene

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Correct Answer: D.


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