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25.) The method in which records are physically stored in a specified order according to a key field in each record is

A)      Hash.

B)      Direct.

C)      Sequential.

D)      all of the above.

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Answer:  Option  A

 26.) Count function in SQL returns the number of

A)      Values.

B)      Distinct values.

C)      Groups.

D)      Columns.

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Answer:  Option   A

27.) Which one of the following statements is false?

A) The data dictionary is normally maintained by the database administrator.

B) Data elements in the database can be modified by changing the data dictionary.

C) The data dictionary contains the name and description of each data element.

D) The data dictionary is a tool used exclusively by the database administrator.

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Answer:  Option  B

28.) An advantage of the database management approach is

A) Data is dependent on programs.

B) Data redundancy increases.

C) Data is integrated and can be accessed by multiple programs.

D) None of the above.

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Answer:  Option  C

29.) A DBMS query language is designed to

A) Support end users who use English-like commands.

B) Support in the development of complex applications software.

C) Specify the structure of a database.

D) all of the above.

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Answer:   Option    D

30.) The method of access which uses key transformation is known as

A)      Direct.

B)      Hash.

C)      Random.

D)      Sequential.

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Answer:   Option    B



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The Oracle Certification Program is a professional certification program offered by the Oracle Corporation. There are three levels of Oracle Certification in several disciplines: Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), and Oracle Certified Master (OCM).

Java Certification


Sun Certified Professional (SCP) is a professional certification program by Sun Microsystems, a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation. There are two levels of java Certification in several disciplines: Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA), Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), and Sun Certified Java Developer (SCJD)

Red Hat Certification


The Red Hat Certification Program is Red Hat's professional certification program for Red Hat and general Linux related skills such as system administration on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT)  and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)