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Know yourself to get success in the carrier : One should be aware of ones weaknesses and strengths while deciding their goals in the carrier.Once decided then you should feel comfortable and stick to them.

Do not waste time in repenting on your failures : One has to face the failures while moving towards the success. You should face them boldly and try to learn from them.

Must write your long term and short term goals : You should be very specific while writing short term and long term goals. Only then you can move towards that direction.

Fix the target : Fix time limit for your goals. try to achieve them within that period of time to be called a winner.

Share your goal with your social network : When you will share your goal with your friends and relatives they will tell you the ways and means to achieve the goals. Thus they will help you in writing your success story.

Successful people have strong ideals : Strong idealism leads to be a person with difference. Idealistic people have the purpose to live. To achieve that purpose they pursue their goals with strong idealism.

The winners contribute to create better world and help others : The winners are always ready to make the world better place to live. They are motivated to help others. The person who wants to be successful should help others in getting them success.

Practical approach towards life : Successful people have practical approach towards life which help them to succeed in their mission. They find the solution of every problem.

Use technological advancements : To achieve their goals they make the use of technology, information skills and practical tools to get the solutions.

Be jack of all and master of one : The successful people have the knowledge of all the spheres whether they are of their concern or not. They keep them aware of the things happening around them.

Successful people have inquisitive mind : One should have inquisitive mind to know more and more about the things. You may not be expert in all the areas but basic knowledge is must.

Personal discipline is key to success : The people who have discipline in their life make sincere efforts to reach the heights of success. They do not waste time in gossiping. They talk to the point. They do not cheat themselves by procrastination.

Successful entrepreneur talk business only : They do not waste time in discussing neighbors, relatives, pictures stories and dreams. They discuss the matters which help them to get succeed.

Plan and persistence make them a winner : The people who keeps on changing their goals and targets reach no where. Those who followed their plans with persistence and commitment achieve high level success.

Any body who wants to attain heights in their carrier can acquire the above mentioned skills . One should be very clear about his goals. He should use his social network to discuss what he wanted. Hard work with patience and persistence will definitely help him to succeed and be a winner. 



Oracle Certification


The Oracle Certification Program is a professional certification program offered by the Oracle Corporation. There are three levels of Oracle Certification in several disciplines: Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), and Oracle Certified Master (OCM).

Java Certification


Sun Certified Professional (SCP) is a professional certification program by Sun Microsystems, a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation. There are two levels of java Certification in several disciplines: Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA), Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), and Sun Certified Java Developer (SCJD)

Red Hat Certification


The Red Hat Certification Program is Red Hat's professional certification program for Red Hat and general Linux related skills such as system administration on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT)  and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)