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Time and Distance Objective Questions and answer

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1.) Walking at the rate of 4kmph a man cover certain distance in 2hr 45 min. Running at a speed of 16.5 kmph the man will cover the same distance in.

A. 12 min                             B. 25 min

C. 40min                              D. 60 min

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Answer: Option C


Distance = Speed * time

4*11/4 = 11km

New Speed = 16.5 kmph

Therefore time = D/S = 11/16.5 = 40min

2.) A train covers a distance in 50 min, if it runs at a speed of 48kmph on an average. The speed at which the train must run to reduce the time of journey to 40min will be.

A. 45 min                             B. 60 min

C. 75 min                                 D. None of  these

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Answer: Option B


Time = 50/60 hr = 5/6hr
Speed = 48mph
distance = S*T = 48 * 5/6 = 40km
time = 40/60hr = 2/3hr
New speed = 40* 3/2 kmph = 60kmph

3.) Two boys starting from the same place walk at a rate of 5kmph and 5.5kmph respectively. What time will they take to be 8.5km apart, if they walk in the same direction?

A. 17 hrs                              B. 25 hrs

C. 31 hrs                                   D. 45 hrs

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Answer: Option A


The relative speed of the boys = 5.5kmph – 5kmph

= 0.5 kmph

Distance between them is 8.5 km

Time= 8.5km / 0.5 kmph = 17 hrs

4.) Excluding stoppages, the speed of a bus is 54 kmph and including stoppages, it is 45 kmph. For how many minutes does the bus stop per hour?

A. 4                                    B. 6

C. 8                                    D. None of these

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Answer: Option D


Due to stoppages, it covers 9 km less.

Time taken to cover 9 km = (9/54 x 60) min = 10 min.

5.) 2 trains starting at the same time from 2 stations 200km apart and going in opposite direction cross each other at a distance of 110km from one of the stations. What is the ratio of their speeds?

A. 7:3                                 B. 11:9

C. 18:4                               D. None of these

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Answer: Option B


In same time, they cover 110km & 90 km respectively
so ratio of their speed =110: 90 = 11: 9

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