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Group Discussion

Group Discussion (GD) is the debate on a particular subject performed by a group of people. In GD group consist of 8-10 persons. A particular topic is given to the group and they have to discus it. Timing for GD is about 10-15 minutes.

Why GD is conducted?
GD is conducted to find out certain qualities of a candidate. Some of the essential qualities which are judged during GD are listed hereunder:

1.Communication skills of the candidate.
2.Leadership quality of the candidate.
3.Knowledge base of the candidate.
4.Behavior of the candidate in the group.

Communication Skills

Developing good communication skills is one of the most essential competencies needed in life, and the reasons are numerous.

People are different and interpret things differently: Every human being is unique and has different thoughts and feelings about the world and everything in it. Even when speaking the same language two people may have conflicting interpretations of the same word or idea. Thus it is important to develop good communication skills so as to bridge the gap of dissimilarity and ensure that not only do you correctly convey your own messages, but that you also develop superior listening skills to understand your neighbor.

Communication skills are fundamental to success: It is common knowledge that to succeed in business you start at the bottom and work your way to the top or as far up the corporate ladder as possible in your situation. It is incredibly hard - even impossible in many cases - to progress passed the first step on that ladder without good communication skills. If you cannot communicate effectively, you will not be able to successfully convey the message that you are competent enough to advance, and thus you will remain at the same level until you develop the proficiency to do so.

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